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Shuang Zhang

Author: Date:2021-10-19

Associate professor, Department of rehabilitation School of Nursing



Personal Profile


Research direction

1. Exercise rehabilitation

2. Biological application of composite nanomaterials


Presided one project of National Natural Science Foundation of Chinayouth fund, one provincial project, and two teaching subjects.


Recent Publications and Presentations

1Wenkang Yang, Shuang Zhang*, Xueke Sun, He Jin, et al. Anti-Tumor Effect of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles Carrying siRNA and Adriamycin. ChemistrySelect 2019, 4, 36363641

2. Zhai Y, Bai X*, Zhu JY, Sun XK, Pan GC, Dong BA, Xu L, Xu W, Zhang S, Song HW. Luminescence carbon dot-based nanofibers for a water-insoluble drug release system and their monitoring of drug release. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B 2018, 6( 21): 3579-3585.

3. Xu HW, Dong B*; Xu SH; Xu S; Sun XK; Sun J; Yang YD; Xu L; Bai X; Zhang S. High purity microfluidic sorting and in situ inactivation of circulating tumor cells based on multifunctional magnetic composites. BIOMATERIALS 2017, 138:69-79.

4. Chunyan Li, Wen Qi, Hongqian Cao, Yanfei Qi*, Shuang Zhang*, Shihan Xu, Jiaheng Sun, Shuanli Guo. BSA-binding properties and anti-proliferative effects of amino acids functionalized polyoxomolybdates. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 79 (2016) 78–86.