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Jiao Xie

Author: Date:2021-10-19

School of Nursing, Associate professor, Master Instructor, Head of the Medical Nursing Teaching and Research Section




Personal Profile

Work experience:

2000-2003 Physician, Beijing Aerospace Center Hospital

2004 - present, School of Nursing, Jilin University

Research projects:

  • The mechanism of PQP inducing MODS and pulmonary fibrosis and the protective effect of thalidomide, Department of Science and Technology of Jilin Province

  • Study on the Correlation between Continuous Nursing and Community Support for the Elderly in Empty Nest in Changchun City, cooperation projects

  • The research and development of four-purpose aerospace automatic safety protection seat for sea, land, air and ground, cooperation projects

  • "Health Assessment" network resource construction, Jilin University Teaching Reform Project

  • Research on the Model Construction of Long-distance Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Home Pulmonary Rehabilitation Based on Internet, Jilin Province Health Technology Innovation Project

  • Research on the Filtration Performance of Disposable Anti-particle Syringe and Promoting Industrialization, Jilin Province Science and Technology Development Plan Project

Research directions:

  • Clinical nursing: clinical nursing research of patients with respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems

  • Elderly care: health management and nursing for the elderly


As the head of the Medical Nursing teaching and research section, I will lead the department team to successfully complete the teaching and research tasks of each semester. I have rich teaching experience and has won many awards in school-level and college-level lecture competitions. As the person in charge, I presided over a number of teaching and research projects and published multiple articles. In the future, I will lead the department to make internal medicine nursing a first-class discipline in China and integrate with the international. Expand more and broader research directions, and continuously improve the level of teaching.


Recent Publications and Presentations:

  1. Active video games as an adjunct to pulmonary rehabilitation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis [J]. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  2. Effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis [J]. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice

  3. Effect of Exercise Interventions on Quality of Life in Patients With Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials [J]. Oncology Nursing Forum

  4. Systematic review and meta-analysis of nonpharmacological interventions for lung cancer fatigue [J]. Western Journal of Nursing Research

  5. Effect of Breathing Exercises in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Receiving Surgical Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial [J]. European Journal of Integrative Medicine

  6. The effect of Tai Ji and Qigong in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review and meta-analyses [J]. European Journal of Integrative Medicine

  7. Impact of breathing exercises in subjects with lung cancer undergoing surgical resection: A systematic review and meta-analysis [J]. Journal of Clinical Nursing

  8. Effects of Home-Based Exercise Training for Patients With Lung Cancer [J]. Oncology Nursing Forum

  9. Effects of Breathing Exercises on Patients With Lung Cancer [J]. Oncology Nursing Forum

  10. Application and nursing progress of hypertonic saline inhalation therapy in respiratory diseases [J]. Electronic Journal of Clinic Nursing's Practicality

  11. Application of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training and Psychological Nursing in Patients with Lung Cancer [J]. Electronic Journal of Clinic Nursing's Practicality

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  14. Research progress on remote home-based pulmonary rehabilitation in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [J]. Chinese General Practice Nursing