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Wei Zhang

Author: Date:2021-03-05

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Wei Zhang

Director of the department of nursing of   Obstetric and Gynecology, School of Nursing, Associate Professor





Personal Profile

With multiple years of knowledge accumulation in obstetrics and gynecology nursing, women’s health science and social medicine, I have formed a clear scientific research direction and have carried some in-depth researches, mainly including prevention, control and cognition disorders of breast cancer, care and health promotion of pregnant, maternal and perimenopausal women. Since 2006, I have published more than 30 scientific research papers as the first or corresponding author, including more than 20 SCI papers and 15 Chinese core journal papers. At present, I undertake the China’s Postdoctoral Fund’s 60th batch of Projects, the 12th batch of Special Assistance Projects of China Postdoctoral Fund and one horizontal project as the project leader. And I also participated in three national and provincial projects as one of the major participants.

Based on the accumulation of more than ten years of nursing education experience and the work experience of participating in the national excellent course construction of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing as a major participant, I mainly carry out research on the core literacy, core competence, information literacy and scientific research ability of nursing undergraduates in nursing education. As the project leader, I undertook one provincial-level educational reform project, three university-level educational reform projects and one authorized utility model patent. 

Recent Publications and Presentations

1.Guo Pingping,Li Ping,Zhang Xuehui et al. The effectiveness of aromatherapy on preoperative anxiety in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.[J] .Int J Nurs Stud, 2020, 111: 103747.

2. Liu Na,Li Ping,Wang Jie et al. Psychometric properties of the Breast Cancer Awareness Measurement among Chinese women: a cross-sectional study.[J] .BMJ Open, 2020, 10: e035911.

3. Chen Dandan,Sun Weijia,Liu Na et al. Fear of Cancer Recurrence: A Systematic Review of Randomized, Controlled Trials.[J] .Oncol Nurs Forum, 2018, 45: 703-712.

4. Liu Na,Li Ping,Wang Jie et al. Factors influencing breast cancer awareness: a cross-sectional study in China.[J] .J Comp Eff Res, 2020, 9: 679-689.

5. Zhang Wei,Li Kun,Zhang XiuMin et al. Coping self-efficacy of Chinese nursing undergraduates with their research projects.[J] .Nurse Educ Today, 2016, 45: 126-31.