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Hua Yuan

Author: Date:2021-03-05

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Hua yuan

Director of Surgery Nursing Section,   School of Nursing, X Associate Professor








09/2009-07/2016 PhD Public Health School of Jilin Uinversity, Changchun, Jilin Province

09/2001-07/2003 M.S., Nursing Xi’an JiaoTong Uinversity Xi’an, Shanxi Province

09/1995-07/2000 B.S., Medicine Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences Changchun, Jilin Province


As a faculty in School of Nursing Jilin University, I teach Surgical Nursing, Emergency and Intensive Care, Multicultural care and Freshman Seminar for the baccalaureate nursing students and Health and Multi-culture for medical students.

I am the president of Teaching Committee of School of Nursing Jilin University from 2020 to 2024.


Research focus

Higher Nursing education, Culture Care and Surgical Nutrition  


Participated the following research projects:

1. “Chinese Community Response Capacity and Coping Mechanism for Disaster Relief” supported by the National Humanities and Social Science Foundation of China.

2. “Trend and Development System of Nursing Profession of Jilin Province with International Standards” supported by the Science and Technology Commission of Jilin Province.

3. “Network Platform and Network Training Management of Nursing Education” supported by the Development and Reform of Jilin Province.

4. The National Undergraduate Innovative Research Program “Risk Apprasail of Stroke in Elderly People of Changchun City” as the surpervisor.



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