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Huiru​ Yin

Author: Date:2021-03-05

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Huiru Yin

Director of Practical Nursing Department,   School of Nursing, Associate Professor





Personal Profile

Chronic disease care; Child and family health care

Member of Pediatric Nursing Committee of Jilin Nursing Association

Recent Publications and Presentations

1. Binghan Shang a#, Huiru Yin #,Yong Jia, Jinping Zhao, Xiangfei Meng, Li Chen*, Peng Liu*.Nonpharmacological interventions to improve sleep in nursing home residents: A systematic review.Geriatr Nurs. 2019, 40(4): 405-416

2. Jinping Zhao #, Huiru Yin #, Guangwei Zhang, Guichen Li, Binghan Shang, Chunyan Wang, Li Chen*. A meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials of laughter and humor interventions on depression, anxiety and sleep quality in adults[J]. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2019.

3. Minmin Leng#Huiru Yin#Ping ZhangYong JiaMingyue Hu,Guichen Li, Chunyan Wang* Li Chen*.Sleep Quality and Health-Related Quality of Life in Older People With Subjective Cognitive Decline, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Alzheimer Disease[J]. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 2020;208: 387396

4. Shuo Wang#, Huiru Yin#, Guichen Li, Yong Jia, Minmin Leng, Qiuyan Meng, Chunyan Wang*, Li Chen*. Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment Based on Virtual Reality: A Scoping Review[J]. Current Alzheimer Research, 2020, 17(2): 126-140.

5. Zhao JP#, Yin HR, Wang XX, Zhang GW, Jia Y, Shang BH, Zhao JY, Wang CY*, Chen L*. Effect of humour intervention programme on depression, anxiety, subjective wellbeing, cognitive function and sleep quality in Chinese nursing home residents[J]. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2020(8).