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Peng xin

Author: Date:2021-03-05

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Peng xin


Director of fundamental nursing department,   School of Nursing, Associate Professor





Personal Profile

Focus on community health care related research, especially research on home management of breast cancer patients. He has published more than 10 SCI papers and more than 20 academic papers in Chinese core journals. It has undertaken 2 provincial projects and participated in more than 10 national and provincial level projects. Social part-time jobs include deputy director of community branch of Jilin Nursing Association, vice chairman of disaster branch of Jilin nursing society, and deputy director of nursing quality control center of Jilin Province. He won the teaching quality award of Jilin University, advanced individual of teacher's ethics and excellent Communist Party member of Jilin University.



Recent Publications and Presentations

1、Dong, J. , Wei, W. , Wang, C. , Fu, Y. , & Peng, X.. Research trends and hotspots in caregiver studies: A bibliometric and scientometric analysis of nursing journals[J]. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2020(4).

2、Zhihui L , Xin P , Wei X , et al. The effect of resistance training on cognitive function in the older adults: a systematic review of randomized clinical trials[J]. Aging Clinical & Experimental Research, 2018,30: 1259-1273

3、Wang Z Q , Peng X , Li K , et al. Effects of combined aerobic and resistance training in patients with heart failure: A metaanalysis of randomized, controlled trials[J]. Nursing & Health Sciences, 2019, 21: 148– 156.

4、Wang canfei, Jia Huiying, Wu Ke, Zhou Meng, Nina, Wei Wenqi, Liu Yang, Peng Xin. Application research progress of multidisciplinary cooperation model in hospice care [J]. Chinese Journal of nursing, 2018,53 (07): 866-872

5、Jia Huiying, Liang Jing, Zhou Meng, Peng Xin. Research progress on the influence of restlessness during recovery period of general anesthesia and parental company on it [J]. Chinese Journal of nursing, 2016,51 (10): 1230-1233