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Kun Li

Author: Date:2021-07-06



Professor, Deputy Dean

School of Nursing,

Jilin University965 Xinjiang Street Changchun, Jilin

Tel: (86) 431 8561 9377

Fax: (86) 431 8561 9580
E-mail: lik@jlu.edu.cn


Dr. Li is a professor at School of Nursing, Jilin University, China. She is also the associate director of Rehabilitation Nursing Association and the associate director of Nursing Education Association in Jilin Province. Her scientific focus has been on the physical activities and chronic disease of older adults, with emphasis on functional states and quality of life of older adults. Her research incorporates qualitative and quantitative methods, cutting edge measurement technology as well as innovative behavioral interventions. She has abundant high quality publications in peer-reviewed journals and professional publications. She has many invited keynote and podium presentations at international, national, regional, and local conferences.



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